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Ensure your special day is immortalized in the most enchanting way possible by choosing our professional video and photo services for your wedding. With a keen eye for capturing emotions and details, we transform moments into timeless memories. Booking our services not only guarantees stunning visuals but also provides a seamless experience, allowing you to relive and share the magic of your wedding day for years to come.

About Carolina Cinematics

As wedding photographers and videographers, we are passionate about capturing the unique love stories that unfold on one of the most significant days of a couple’s life. We have filmed weddings in six counties such as Switzerland, France, the U.S., or the Dominican Republic.  

Our work goes beyond simply documenting moments; it’s about immortalizing emotions, creating visual narratives, and ensuring that every glance, smile, and shared vow is preserved in its most beautiful form. With a genuine love for storytelling and an artistic eye, we are dedicated to providing couples with timeless memories they can cherish for a lifetime.

My Services

Lasting Memories

Preserve the magic of your special day and cherish lasting memories with our expertly crafted products, capturing every precious moment and emotion in a timeless narrative.

We capture every exquisite detail, ensuring that the essence of your celebration is preserved in stunning clarity and artistic precision. 

To create a lasting and timeless memory we use the best equipment making sure you’ll be brought to tears even 50 years from now. 

We want to enable more people to have access to the beauty of a lasting memory of their special day, that’s why we have fair prices for you to simply enjoy and not worry.  

Our Work

Celine and Micha

„Thank you for a wonderful wedding video, you were so great. Straightforward, simple, quick and you did such a great job. I would book you again anytime. Thank you for the great work and your faithfulness. The video of the day will remain a wonderful memory forever.“

Tabitha und Matt

„A perfectly coordinated team that was very professional and a pleasure to work with. They managed to eternalize our wedding day with beautiful photos and a great wedding video ♡.
The results incredible, I can only recommend them! We are more than satisfied and are happy to have met you!“

Rika and Sebastian

„We had Simon and Landon with us at our wedding and are sooooo happy that they captured our wedding day the way they did. They were with us the whole day and were very good at giving us a lot peace and support on the day. The video was ready within 2 weeks!“

Why Choose Us

Choose us as your wedding photographers and videographers, recognized as industry leaders with an unmatched track record of capturing over 80 weddings in six countries. Our exceptional expertise extends beyond weddings, having successfully produced two feature films on two different continents and additionally a top of the class bachelors degree in digital filmmaking from the Los Angeles Film School, a testament to our commitment to cinematic excellence with an unwavering dedication to quality and creativity; we are storytellers, weaving your unique love story into visual masterpieces. When you choose us, you’re making the best choice for an unparalleled wedding experience that transcends borders and captures the essence of your celebration with unmatched skill and artistry to last forever.

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